Hydrogen Generators vs Zero Point Energy

So the automotive industry tried hydrogen powered cars but they ran into a few problems.

The reaction that caused hydrogen gas to be split from the water molecule couldn't always be shut off easily in the more affordable applications. And lots of people were concerned about driving what they considered a hydrogen bomb.

So... The hydrogen car became a novelty not a viable reality..

Oh sure, a few people have one but Detroit will never make all hydrogen powered cars.

But Hey!!!  Why aren't we thinking outside the box? I need Power for my home. I don't think it would take a rocket scientist to bolt a Small block motor to a jig in his shed. Give it a over sized oil pan and a huge radiator tank. Then build a hydrogen fuel cell, With a simple float like the fill valve on a toilet, So when the water level gets so low it refills the tank. A PRV (pressure relief valve) That vents extra hydrogen high above the ground (in case the engine stalls or breaks).  Then set the idle at the prime RPM to turn several generators. If I got 6 months of cheep/free electricity out of my engine then its worth putting another one in if it breaks down.  6 months at $200 dollars a month is $1200.00. I can buy a used Engine for $300.